About Us


Avenues advocates for the rights of all to live free of Domestic and Sexual Abuse and Assault by providing free, confidential, non-judgmental services to victims and survivors.


AVENUES believes that:

  • in order to eliminate gender based violence, such as domestic and sexual violence, it is necessary to address the roots of violence;
  • violence is a tool of oppression that is based on inequality of gender, race, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, and ethnicity;
  • violence is based on power and control of one person or group of persons over another person or group of persons;
  • domestic violence, sexual assault/abuse and harassment are the manifestation of gender based oppression and are perpetrated through an inequality of power;
  • victims are never responsible for the violence perpetrated against them;
  • everyone has a right to live without fear and violence;
  • social attitudes and understanding of domestic and sexual violence and other types of gender based violence can and will change;
  • the generational cycle of violence can be broken;
  • perpetrators of violence must take responsibility for their violence;


The most basic services include emergency shelter for battered and abused adults and their children; a 24 hour crisis hotline; advocating on behalf of the victim in the following systems: criminal justice, civil justice, emergency medical, social services, and other systems the victims encounter in the wake of violence; crisis intervention; support groups; problem solving. All services to victims provided by AVENUES will be free, confidential and non-judgmental. All services to victims shall be implemented so that the safety, needs, and desires of the victim are always the top priority.